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One simple meeting with one of our professional counsellors is all it takes. With respect and a listening ear, our counsellor will take the time needed to offer you all relevant information and answer your questions. This process is neither dramatic nor unpleasant. In fact, you will have the security and peace of mind of knowing you have planned ahead.

When the time comes to choose your funeral services, think about you, your experiences, and what best reflects your beliefs. Also think about a place where your loved ones will be able to gather in commemoration during their grieving process. Our counsellors are here to provide guidance for your decisions.

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A forward-thinking gesture
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A detailed prearrangement agreement signed with Maison Trudel dismisses any possible effects of inflation or increased cost of living. Our methods of payment offer great flexibility. Contact one of our counsellors for further details. In accordance with the Act respecting prearranged funerals and sepultures, the amount you give will be paid into a trust account for your protection. If, for personal reasons, you should decide to cancel your prearrangement agreement, your in-trust deposit will be fully reimbursed.

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True professionals, our counsellors will assist you every step of the way during this highly emotional and important event.

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